Youth Leadership

2015-2016 Youth Leadership Team

Our final campout of every year is Summer Camp at Heritage Scout Reservation in Farmington, PA.  Here, the Scouts of Troop 701 hold elections to choose who will lead them for the following year. The 2015-2016 youth leaders are:

Patrol Leaders Council (PLC)

Senior Patrol Leader

Frank Y.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders
Gavin K.
George K.

Chupacabra Patrol
Levi R. – Patrol Leader
Micah Y. Assistant Patrol Leader

Pegasus Patrol
Jimmy F. – Patrol Leader
Joe W. – Assistant Patrol Leader

Wombats Patrol
Liam K. – Patrol Leader
John D. – Assistant Patrol Leader

Junior Assistant Scoutmasters
Michael B.
Jarod K.

For more than 35 years boys join Troop 701 of Strongsville, Ohio for one simple reason: "Because I want to." Together on the Scouting trail to Eagle they experience Adventure, Discovery & Teamwork.

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