Youth Leaders

2020-2021 Youth Leadership Team

With a new Scouting Year upon us, the following scouts will be fulfilling the key youth leadership roles in the Troop:

SPL Team:

  • Senior Patrol Leader: Ethan S.
  • Asst. SPL – Program: Charles P.
  • Asst. SPL – Scoutcraft: Jett R.
  • Asst. SPL – Commissary: Alex K.

America Patrol:

  • Patrol Leader: Ty W.
  • Asst. PL: Lucas N.

Bandit Cats Patrol:

  • Patrol Leader: Tommy U.
  • Asst. PL: Aaron J.

Flaming Arrows Patrol:

  • Patrol Leader: Caleb S.
  • Asst. PL: Andrew K.

Panther Patrol:

  • Patrol Leader: Devin M.
  • Asst. PL: Isaac H.


  • Daniel A.
  • Ryan A.
  • Cameron M.
  • Nick W.
  • Nathan T.

Troop Guides:

  • Teddy G.
  • Ian H.
  • Charles M.
  • Jacob Y.


  • John D.
  • Matt K.
  • Bradley W.
  • Hunter Z.
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