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If you need more information or have any questions setting up an account or ordering cards, contact Linda Klaben at


Gift cards are purchased at the face value of the card with a percentage of the amount being returned to Troop 701 as a rebate. Half of the rebate amount stays with Troop 701 while the other half goes into your son’s troop account. Rebate percentages vary by retailer with many being over 10%. To browse the list of retailers that participate in the program including the rebate percentage for each retailer, go to the shop with scrip website. You do not need to create a username/password for this.

Choose “shop” from the top area of the main screen

Participating retailers will be listed

Hover over the retailer to see the rebate percentage


Troop families can invite their extended family and friends to use Shop with Scrip. To ensure the rebate amount is credited to the correct boy, let Linda Klaben know who has signed up and which boy should receive credit for the purchased cards.

Types of Gift Cards available through ShopwithScrip:

The website indicates which options are available for each participating retailers.

Physical gift cards: You get a plastic gift card. Ordered online, they will be delivered to you at

a later Scout meeting (details in “When you will receive your physical gift card”)

ScripNow : You get an electronic gift card that you can either print off at home or scan at a

store using a smart phone.

Reload: You can add money to an existing physical gift card that was purchased through Scrip.

Setting up your account:

To order from scrip, you will need to create a username/password, link to Boy Scout troop 701, and enter account information.

E-mail Linda Klaben at to get Troop 701’s enrollment code

Choose “Register” from the top of the screen

On the next screen, choose “Join a Scrip Program”

Enter Boy Scout Troop 701’s enrollment code at the prompt.

Click “Register”

You will be prompted for the following information:

Username and Password

Account Information (name, address, phone number, boy’s name)

E-mail address

Security questions

Paying for gift cards:

There are 2 ways to pay for gift cards:

Check: After selecting the gift cards and amounts, write a check made out to “Troop 701” for the total. Give the check to Linda Klaben at a weekly meeting. After the check is recorded as being received, you will be able to print ScripNow e-cards and any Reload values will be added to the appropriate cards. Physical cards will be delivered at a later meeting (details below).

PrestoPay: After selecting the gift cards and amounts, use PrestoPay to immediately pay for your gift cards using an ACH transaction with your bank account. There is a $0.15 charge for each transaction regardless of number of cards purchased and amount of purchase. Within minutes, you will be able to print ScripNow e-cards and Reload amounts will be added to the appropriate cards. Physical cards will be delivered at a later meeting.



Setting up PrestoPay:

While signed into ShopWithScrip, choose “PrestoPay” on the Dashboard screen

Agree to the terms and conditions

Enter banking details:

Bank name, account name

Account type (checking or savings), routing number, and account number

Account holder information including name and address

To verify the account information is correct, two small amounts will be added to your bank account within two days

Check your bank account for these amounts

Sign into ShopwithScrip, choose “PrestoPay” on the Dashboard screen.

Enter the two amounts that were added to your bank account

Select and confirm a PIN number to be used each time you pay with PrestoPay

There will be a four digit approval code. E-mail this to Linda Klaben at

When your account is approved, you will receive an e-mail from ShopWIthScrip

Buying gift cards:

While signed into your account, select “shop” from the top of the screen

Select the retailer, the form of gift card, and the dollar amount then add to your cart

Repeat this for additional retailers

Go to your shopping cart to checkout

Choose PrestoPay or Check and submit the order

If using a check, bring the check to the next Scout meeting

If using PrestoPay:

You will receive an e-mail within minutes saying your e-card can be printed

Choose “Wallet” on the Dashboard screen

Print the gift card or copy and paste the code if using online

When you will receive your Physical gift card:

Physical card orders are placed once a week on Tuesday if the troop’s total amount of physical and electronic cards purchased since the last order placed reaches $300 Minimally, orders are placed once a month

Orders are placed at 9:00 pm on Tuesday and will be passed out at the following meeting

I will be at the meeting each Tuesday from 8:15 – 8:30 to pass out gift cards

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